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Review: Mercury
Author: Jeremiah
Added: 25/11/2003

I've never written a review, but I think this game needs some exposure.

Mercury is a vertical shooter. You use one weapon to fight through the levels but you can upgrade your stats.

Presentation- Simple, but effective. The menus are to the point and look good. The several cutscenes tell a good job of telling the story, such as when a certain planet(guess which one) gets blown up.

Graphics- It's hard to review this because I had a hand in the graphics. I have to say the game shows enough varitey in backgrounds, enemies, bosses, and weapons to keep it interesting. Most gfx look clean and stylish, but some are a little odd looking.

Sound- The sounds are good, the music is very appropriate, and the addition of a jukebox is a very nice feature. It's not original music, but I don't think that hurts the game at all.

Gameplay- This is the best part of Mercury. Being able to upgrade your stats is a rather unique concept. You can upgrade weapons, shields, and repairs, but the upgrades only apply to that level. You do this by collecting energy and thus you have an extra incentive to destroy enemies. The story mode can be a challenge and make take several tries on some levels. Thats how a game should be. Flying around asteroids,avoiding laser fields, and at the same time destroying enemy ships is so awesome.

Lastability- Mercury has seven levels and as I've said before, it might take you a while depending on your skill. Besides that there is the arcade mode. While there are no rewards for beating the game a second time, there are high scores and this is what makes the arcade mode very fun.

Overall- I would definitely recommend this game if you like vertical shooters or games set in space. Even after you beat it, the arcade mode can be fun. There you go.

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