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Review: Unknown Game 3654
Author: rocker (juraj5)
Added: 01/11/2003

TGF Mod3 review by j5

(warning, this ain't real review, these are my ideas to improve mod3!)
It is nice mod update for tgf, but but why da hell delete button on keyboard isn't working????

Nice interface. Um, well, the "new game" button is kinda messy. Yup its messy, you could add your logos to about window, you know.

About graphic: you should change the interfacre, make it better, maybe make background pictures! You could make buttons in microsoft windows XP system style! Yeah i know its hard to do a nice work.

Does TGF have sounds? You could add them. You could fix that fill in bug in TGF picture editor. you could make face - lifting to old, ugly question buttton. and you know event editor question object bug? lets say you have two quest did set up all shits, and then you drag the blue button to another question object column. result? when it is supposed to display the second question object, it'll display first. FIX IT!!!

Why da hell you moved about command from help menu? Debug function is nice, for experts. but unnnecessary. helping hands? allright, nice one game = project ? ahh, we are imitating mmf, right ? and in main toolbar, i don't like red style buttons. you could make new, blue windows xp style. and in new objects button, add your own pics, not rip xp. and as i sad, if you want BEAUTIFUL interface, create jpg backgrounds in xp style. i know it will make bigger mod download but then it will be worth! and when you have hard work, the morre beautiful interface is around, it will motivate you, and you'll do more & better. i'll write a REAL review when mod4 comes. and i hope that you'll improve tgf with those my ideas. overall : 7. you'll get then if you listen to me.

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