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Review: Furballs
Author: Silveraura
Added: 29/10/2003

Its very rare we get games like this at The Daily Click. The game has great graphics & the sounds match perfectly.

Gameplay: The game play was smooth, but has a few glinches that roughen the game play & make spots in the game that would normally be easy... well... not easy. Anyway, some of these include the jumping messing you up do to not slowing down as you approch the top of your jump, you just instently start going down. Also getting stuck on some corners was a bit of a problem. Other then that the gameplay was great, it is chalk full of loads of diffrent types of enimies & great levels!

Graphics: The graphics are very nicely done, they have a style that was in my view, never done at DC & the perfect backgrounds caused a really nicely done 3D effect in the game! What seem to make the graphics stand out is that they are like playing in a cartoon & what finishes this graphic graphics are very nicely done texture. Also, I have yet to see repeating graphics between levels, & there are so many types of 1 object, I could hardly tell if there was any repeating! Not to forget how well these graphics blend with one another, this really takes away the feeling of playing is a side few, sence all these graphics have so many layers of backgrounds moving at diffrent speeds as you walk.

Sounds & Music: The sounds & the music seem to match great with the levels, & the entire game. The sounds really seem to bring that graphics alive & the music seems to give you the feeling of being in a cartoon while giving you the style of being in that type of world!

Lastability: This game keeps me drawling for more. I just had to keep going on. I had to find out what was next. Once I beat 1 boss I just had to see what secrits I needed to beat the next. The great things about the bosses is, you don't beat them all the exact same way. You use diffrent approches you learn through out the game. For example, first boss. Just hit him with tomatos, second boss, hit him with FLAMING tomatos. I'm not going to give out the secrit of flaming your tomatos, because that is something best left for the game to tell you. As I was saying though, this game has some of the best Lastabilty I've seen in my time at DC!

Overall: This game is to me one of the most rarest you'll find at DC, & by that I mean. It is rare to find games with this kind of quilty & effert put in to them at DC. I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone looking for a good long game that will keep them busy, regarless to its large size. The size is diffrently not a bad thing, because as I found when I was playing the game. This games size didn't come from a few large buggy levels. This games size came from hard work & many large well built levels & great game play!

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