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Review: A.A.G. (Two Chapter Demo)
Author: Klikreview (Heretic Emu Studios)
Added: 15/10/2003

Two word review: Marvelously Ambitious

This is yet another gem of a game that I stumbled across in my searches through the archives. This one was a nice surprise. It takes some guts to go after the overhead rpg/adventure type game. Most people just do the platform shooters. And sure, this games graphics are pretty bad, but in this kind of game it just doesnt matter.

You control a guy from a birds eyes view, straight down. Was the fact that you wouldn't have to animate the legs a factor? Anyway, you are off on your mission, exploring a HUGE world one screen at a time. There is a nice inventory where your items are stored, as well as a nice text object to tell you where you're at, and builings have a nice 3D feel. It actually feel a lot like a really old PC rpg.

It plays very well, items are easy to grab, and controls are a breeze. The only thing I spotted wrong with the gameplay was one screen close to the start, where as soon as you leave the screen to the left and reappear on the right for the next screen, you almost always acidentally enter the door close to you. Same things for exiting the door, you almost always accidentally leave the screen to the right as soon as you come outside. This isnt bad programming, just bad building placement. Easily forgiveable since you only have to go in there once!

Lastability will all depend on your preference in games. If you enjoy D&D type stuff, you will no doubt go all the way through this.

It's a fun diversion, very well made even if it looks a bit crude. Wong Chung Band has done an excellent job in creating a fun little zelda style rpg that is ambituous in scope and succeeds on many levels.

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