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Review: State Of Crisis 2
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 14/10/2003

I remember the original State of Crisis (perhaps an imaginative cross between Incredible Crisis and State of Emergency?) I reviewed it, as well, but the review seems to have vanished from my list for some reason. Still, no matter.

The game opens with a rather horrible background and some rendered company logos splodged on to the screen seemingly at random. Sonic, everyone's favourite blue Japanese hedgehog, arrives and gets his head stuck in the screen for some reason, then the title screen arrives with some strangely inappropriate calm music. It invited me to insert an audio CD to hear State of Crisis FM - similar in a way to the GTA soundtrack, I thought at the time, but instead it's just a CD player.

I complied by putting in "Dance of Death", while trying to keep my eyes away from the horrendous cover art. Unfortunately the removal of Iron Maiden's latest album from my shelf caused the whole thing to collapse, which isn't entirely relevant to the review but might amuse you anyway.

I chose Free Ride mode to begin with, and memories of the original SoC were brought back. Now, though, you control someone who resembles Elvis, and as you walk around the cars rotate with you. I think it would be very generous to this game to describe the attention to detail as "not incredibly good".

The running over of pedestrians is still present and correct - this time they're been taken from RPG Maker, I think. Again, the blood splashes appear on top of your car instead of underneath as anyone with a basic knowledge of the laws of physics would expect. The car bounces off the walls when you hit them, and people just swear at you in a bored way while you eliminate them.

Chopper Chase is an attempt at a mission, in which you have to pick up someone and drive them to a helipad, which triggers a dull minigame.

It's certainly improved from the first attempt, but I still have to say that the author still isn't ready for a game of this scope, calibre and other technical words like that. Now, I've got to go and buy some screws and bookends for that shelf...

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