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Review: Bottled Water Man Bash
Author: Gito
Added: 13/10/2003

Bottled Water Man Bash rewiew:

A really strange game, that doesn't look that good when you first see the screenshots, but with a surpriseingly good gameplay.

Story: You are som guy with a water can, that needs to poop, but since hes alercig to grass, he must find a outhouse with some paper in it. The outhouse he chooses is a magical one that takes him to another planet, where he must fight evil creatures to protect the outhouse.

Hmmmm, really crappy story, but the game idea- protect your outhouse sure is uniqe and fun!

Presentation: Quite an ugly introscreen, but I've seen worse. The story and the cutscene could have been better, but the "protect the outhouse" idea good as it is.

Gameplay: Very fun and adictive, but somewhat repeative. Leveling up reminds me about old arcade games! Nostalgic!

Sound and Music: I like the music a lot, but probaby there's just as many haters as likers. I like japaneese songs, but for many it can feel strange and wierd.

Graphics: Not bad, not that good, but they'll work. The flying enemies look quite booring though. The background is good and fits into the game like a glove.

Lastability: Maybe not that long, it's fun for a while, and then you'll find some other game that you'll play with til get boored of them and so on.
You can probably replay this game in a month or so and get the feeling again, but i don't think i can last very long, not many of these games do (maybe Destruction Carneval do).

Overall: A fun game that anyone should try, and if you dont like it, just remove it from your harddrive, it aint harder that that (not the game)!

Sound and Music:

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