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Review: Breakout Invaders
Author: LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios)
Added: 06/10/2003

Breakout Invaders is, yet another breakout game given an original twist. It is a kind of Fusion between a good breakout game and a sort of Space Invaders game. The idea, as always is to clear the level of all bricks. This is complicated by the Space Invaders part. Not only do you have to destroy the relatively harmless space ships in 3 different sizes but you must aviod potentialy fatal falling paddel destroyers and several space ships with weapons that shoot at you.
The standard paddel has a rather useless gun thay takes about 20 shots to kill a space ship. If you dont manage to shoot a space ship down you can hit it with the paddel but acording to the help this doesn't give any points, but it's fun anyway.

The presentation is good, it has an ok menu screen with a score board that may give you trouble if you don't havve the font it uses. The game over screen looks alot better as the actual font has been turned into bitmaps for the counter so no-one will have trouble seeing it.

The gameplay is challenging and it does keep you playing but it depends on luck wether you get an easy level first or one of the hard ones. There are a view very annoying kevels that take ages to complete, especially with the limited ball control. The game has been enhanced by many pick-ups. Tere are all sorts of them, some give your bat better weapons, some change the speed of the ball, theres even some sort of nuclear pick up. Theres a full list in the help if you want to find out more.

The graphics, in its own style, is as good as any Breakout clone gets really. It's simple but effective.
The sounds also belnd in well with the game, there all sorts of tinks and bangs, I can't help but feel some of them are ripped, but they all go well. The game has a decent selection of MIDI music that does enhance the game.

In my opimion the game could last some one ages, but then this may be because im a rubbish player. Its one of those games that you dont mind playing agian to beat your high score.

A feature that I love about the game is the level system, the layout of the blocks, the pick-ups you get and even which space ships come down is controled through a well worked out INI file system. This means that if theres a level that's really hard you can modify it to suit you, or even design your own. This feature must have taken a long time to program.

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