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Review: Train Simulation beta 1.1
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 03/10/2003

(This was originally posted on 26/01/2003, but I did something slightly stupid while looking through my old reviews and managed to delete it. Thanks to SC for restoring it.)


Strangely enough, the installer for this game calls it "Tren Simulasyonu" - perhaps a foreign language that I'm not familiar with? The Readme file isn't particularly helpful, in fact I'll let you judge for yourself by duplicating it here.


That's all. There's actually a space after the "a", so you get double what you think. Oh, well, on to the game.

The title screen looks impressively industrial enough, but it was taken from one of the GF libraries (High Score objects, I think). It's obvious when you look for where "High Scores" has been erased, but I didn't notice it on the first time. As with many demo versions, the Options choice on the menu doesn't work, leaving only "New Game". After clicking on the magic pixel that made this menu item work (you have to click exactly on the word, not on the box for it) I got into the game.

I spent a while wondering what exactly to do, but after a while I realised that using the arrow keys worked - the train just accelerates incredibly slowly. Which is fair enough. Making my way to the right on the lower track, I came across "constraction", which uses the Manic Miner icon from "Game Objects 1". Deciding that I'd better brake, I hit Left and watched in amazement as my train shot backwards. It's apparent that it uses the Eight Directions movement, and that you don't lose speed when turning around. For a simulator, this is definitely not what you want.

After trundling to a halt by dunting myself against the construction, I wondered how to get past it - there had been no tracks leading to the upper rail. However, some lateral thinking soon solved this, as I pressed Up and watched as the train slid sideways on to the other track. Well, some of it did anyway - some carriages stayed on the original rail and didn't move, creating a huge mess. I couldn't get out of it, so I restarted and tried again.

This time it sort of worked. I made it to the North side, and carried on as a couple of carriages overtook one another. Seeing another train up ahead, I quickly sidestepped to the right to avoid it and carried on to the station, where the passengers ignored me. I ignored them back and continued. Coming across a third station, I zoomed through both it and the obstacle at the end, falling off the side of the play area.

At the moment there are far too many bugs in the game that need to be sorted out. Trains falling to bits, not heading in the right direction, unnecessary construction... wait, maybe it's a Virgin Rail simulator.

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