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Review: Strike-Down 3
Author: Paul FitzGerald
Added: 29/08/2003

wow, what a game!!
stunning graphics and gameplay.
anybody with fingers must dwonload this game right now!
very addictive as each level forks out so you want to play it at least 3 times to play each level. there many memorable levels that you encounter because each level is unique and makes you think about a way to beat it. very little slip ups and well thought out the bonus levels are novel and are challenging to get. you go in a space ship or on land and even change weapons!

you encounter the last boss at least 3 times before you destroy him so it reminds me a little of sonic the hedgehod.
really cool space levesl in which you are on the moon. even the background is consistant with the way the character moves. 1 year in the making and you sure can tell because its high quality. its rival is fish head (accept SD3 is must better) it makes SD3 very underrated.
give this game 3 weeks and it will have more downloads than any other game. it will have you hooked because each level there is a ceratin way in which to beat it.
this game is a cross between sonic the hedgehog and chronotrigger with its game style similar to chronotrigger's because of the RPG- Action based making.
a very, very excellent game. many hours have been used up making it i know because i saw him make it. very professional and the wait for SD4 is big and teadious, (many people are helping in the making of it) I CANT WAIT.
hurry up and downlaod this game.

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