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Review: Frogger Bound - Dungeons
Author: Lex
Added: 15/08/2003

Well, i was the betatester in this game, and i cant believe it had such bad reviews. I am proud to have been the betatester of this game. Lets start out with the Presentation. The presentation is nice. Good background, text at the bottom. Enough text in the game. I would say 8/10. Then the gameplay. The gameplay is awsome, you have enough stuff to do and you can do it in most diffrent ways, there are lazers, creatures, explosions. Everything. So i give the Gameplay a perfect 10. The graphics is the thing that stays behind. A game cant be perfect though, so its not that bad. Then the sound and music. He likes a specific type of music, which we dont all like. It would be nice if we could select our own music in the start and all, but you can already do that in the map editor, so 7/10. Then the lastability. The lastability is graid, with the great map editor. You can make endless diffrent games and try them endlessly. alot of endless . You can change the frog type, there's a boss, there's an easy and hard mode. What more can you ask for? How to fill up the remaining 300 characters.. hmm..
Maybe some time to explain the map editor. You can do alot with the map editor. You can make the lazer (automaticly sets). You can create creatures, you can make alot of diffrent explosions, you can clear everything, make dual explosions. Make about everything you want. Even fake walls! Shutting down now, one last thing to say. DOWNLOAD THIS! its worth it. If you're good at it, try the other version. And no im not making commercial for Softwarewolf, im saying this cause i like this game and i liked betatesting it. I will send even more maps to soft so he can make a map pack. Unknownone out.

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