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Review: Ballbloke 2
Author: Strife
Added: 15/08/2003

Ballbloke 2 is a speedy platform game where you control a red ball character. Seeing how the game has a mere 33% rating, it's hard to believe that it actually won GOTW. Anywayz, on to the statistics:


The game has a fairly decent storyline. A skydiver falls from the sky and lands in a ball-making factory. He morphed into a ball, of course. The cutscenes between worlds aren't half bad either. Of course, I would have enjoyed more than just text for the opening intro.

>>GAMEPLAY: 6/10<<

It's obvious that the game's strength is in the gameplay. If you've ever played any of the classic Sonic The Hedgehog games, you'll have a rough idea of how this game works. Instead of a Spin Dash, Ballbloke gradually builds up speed (similar to the dash feature in Mario Bros 3).
The levels are superbly built, but I found some levels to be extremely frustrating. In level 3, when I try to walk onto the platforms at the bottom-left area, I always slide off. Whatsupwitdat? Plus, once all your lives are gone, you have to re-start from the very first stage! WhatsupwitDAT?! A save feature (or Continues) would have been nice here.

>>GRAPHICS: 3/10<<

It's also obvious that the author didn't put much work into the graphics. It's nice that he didn't use ripped graphics, but he should have at least took the time to make them decent! I mean, come on! He even used the default "MMF diamond" shape on one of the enemies. But I guess there wasn't enough time, so it makes sense.


Most of the sound in Ballbloke 2 is taken from Sonic The Hedgehog games. Heck, the music in level 3 is taken from Sonic 2. But of course, the author made good choices when picking out the music for each level; they fit the scene quite nicely and add much-needed ambience.


Some people may enjoy playing Ballbloke 2 a few more times, but those of us who are stuck on level 3 probably won't give it another shot.

>>OVERALL: 5/10<<

There are positives and there are negatives in Ballbloke 2, and to that, I say "Meh, it's okay". It's not a bad game, and might actually be addicting to some people. But I still can't believe it won GOTW with a 33% rating....

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