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Review: Granny Rampage Demo
Author: Eric
Added: 08/07/2003

The basic concept is your an old lady pissed at the world, probubly senile, and she decides to take it all out an the local hoodlums.

Presentation: When you first start up the game, you greeted with pictures of old ladies, and I'm not talking about the pleasant old ladies that cook cookies...i'm talking about the nasty looking senile ones. The game looks fairly decent though.

Gameplay: The gameplay consists of wheeling yourself around and getting weapons to kill off the civilians. You can get get a death spree mission, similar to those of Grand Theft Auto. In the demo there is a machine gun, and a flame thrower and rocket launcher. The little civilians run away from you when you chase them, but you can still gun them down like a wild animal. The level is pretty bare, most of it green fields, but I will overlook this since its only a demo. Overall when this game is finished, if its finished, it will be fairly entertaining.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good, nothing to outstanding but they go well together. Some of the buildings look really good. There are also some effects thrown in, like car explosions and blood splurting out when you shoot somebody and smoke trails from the rocket launcher. None of it looks ripped, so overall its decent looking.

Sound and Music: Hears where it fails, the only sounds you hear are the sounds from your weapons and trains, or at least I think it was a train. One thing that brings it way down, is the fact that there is no music. I would really want to hear waves of old ladies as you mow down those hooligans.

Lastability: Not too great, since its only a demo. You can kill grannies for a few minutes but it lacks real depth and would really benefit from, oh lets just say, cops chasing her(which is a suggestion) I'm sure the final version will be much better in this department.

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