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Review: Gold Psycho Eggit
Author: Spug
Added: 28/01/2002

This Review is based on THE GAME, and I didn't care about whether it was a rip-off or not.

GAMEPLAY: I really can't say much here, since the gameplay is ripped off Eggit.
It works exactly like Eggit, except one little thing that actually changes the feeling pretty much: When the Egg hits a Coin, a $ or anything else that can be picked up, it bounces! This opens for many new opportunities, BUT it also makes things a whole lot easier.

GRAPHICS: They are not the same as the original Eggit graphics, which is kinda good... But the new graphics aren't very good. Two-Colored backgrounds, and the other stuff, like the Egg and Pad, doesn't have much of a shade. It looks like DOS-graphics, plain and simple.

SOUNDS & MUSIC: The Music is kind of cool, not of bad quality, but it gets boring after a while.
The sound effects aren't as good as the music, but still, they don't suck too much.

OVERALL: If the original Eggit games didn't excist, Gold Psycho Eggit would be a very original game Seriously; This game isn't by far as good as any of the Eggit games. It gets boring quickly, bad graphics...

And well, the next time you want to rip off a game... ASK FIRST.


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