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Review: Snake!
Author: Santa
Added: 28/05/2003

SNAKE - WoW **hehe**

Snake took on new meaning thanks to Nokia, it became a way to keep ya entertained on many a dull journey. This version goes a few steps beyond what them nice people at Nokia did.

The game starts with a clear set of instructions, its nicely presented and accompanied by a somewhat nice soundtrack, although this quickly gets a little annoying after a couple of games. If im honest I think this is more me than a problem with the music, after being treated to mp3s for so many years i tend to find midi files a little tedious.

It plays well, even though the controls feel a little un-natural - instead of using all four you just use left and right, simple enough but takes a little getting used to.

Its fun to play, the graphics are nice, and there's plenty to keep you amused your given the option to shoot at the things that block your way, although this effects your points so its not really good to use too often its adds a little extra to the game.

I couldn't help but give a little smile when i finnished up my game and saw who was top of the leader board. *hehe*

I didnt get too far into the game so perhaps my review doesnt give the best opinion of the game, but what bit i did play was fun.

Unfortunately theres a couple of annoying bugs in the game, if you turn around too fast then you crash into yourself, and sometimes the worm gets stuck but still.....

I don't think this is something you will spend hours playing, but its a small download and it did provide something that a lot of games forget about - Entertainment.

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