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Review: Hit The Ball Remake v1.2
Author: J.J
Added: 23/05/2003

This is a game made with the game maker, i think.
There is 8 balls bounching around the screen and you have to click at them to achive points while your score is going down very fast.
The game has NO sort off indtroduction or a menu screen, when you cick the .exe you will be broungt to the game at once, somthing i find very irritating. I mean that ALL games should have a menu....!

The balls bounches when they hit a wall,stone or whatever it is! The thing i really thought was bad with this game was that the ball movment was really bad. Its like the balls somtimes finds a route to bounce and will only go in this route.
The engine was not impresive and could easily be improved. And its rather HARD to hit the balls, and i dont think you get enough points when its beeing clicked.

The GFX is not very good. There is a background with the inscription "Hit the ball remake" on and the adress to the author.
The balls are only a green round shaped ball with an H in the middle. And the walls looks like stones, but the stones where acctually in a OK state! But NO the GFX in this game where bad!

Sounds & Music? Well, there aren't any! Im glad the author decided to NOT have a bounching sound each time the ball hits the wall and bounches!
Music cound have been fine.

This game is not a game i recomend, its boring and NOT very addictive. And it has a lack of many things: gfx,sfx,msc and much more.
This was bad!

*It was not made with clicketeam products!

-Ove Melaa

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