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Review: Aliens: Survival
Author: Eric
Added: 18/05/2003

This is a rather decent game, only a few flaws and it could be a good game. It reminds me of an old Sega Genesis game.

Presentation: The presentation is pretty cool, with a shady picture of an alien on the title and interesting noises that play when you put your mouse over the selection. Pretty good, likes like this guy has a goal and knows how he wants it to look.

Gameplay: The gameplay is classic platform, trying to get through the level killing anything that gets in your way. Of course, the premise doesnt game with any game, but with this game it goes fine. Chunks of alien and blood squirt out of the alien when you shoot it, or blow it up with a grenade. Its not just some sort of kill them all game, there are some puzzles inplanted in there. There realy should be some air ducks you can climb into though, just my personal opinion.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty cool and are original, at least to my knowledge. Like I said previously, particle effects of alien chunks and blood. It also seems like some time was put into the backgrounds. I liked the "I want to believe poster" in the lab. The top half of the body is also seperated from the lower half, which allows for you to look around and point in a specific direction.

Sound and Music: The music is pretty good, gets me pumped up for a good alien killin, of course if it were real life the music would do little good, for me at least. The noises are pretty interesting, especially like I said earlier, the noise that plays when you select a specific option in the title.

Lastability: I think that if this were the full version it would be worth playing again, but since its only a demo, its not that long lasted. My advice to this programmer, finish the game, and don't slack off on the progress.

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