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Review: Deadly Tournament 1.2
Author: Ian M. Phoenix
Added: 18/05/2003

Well I figure this game had alot of time put into it so I think it deserves a review at least.


Very Mortal Kombat-like, and the funny characters are a nice touch. Neat additions like a scrolling tournament list of fighters adds too the feel of an arcade fighting game.


Not bad, but not outstanding either, it worked for the game, but no catchy music or a cool theme song.


Now I know the creator(s) put alot of time into digitally capturing real people for this game, but it never looks good in a computer game unless it's for cinematics only.

The 3d rendered graphics aren't bad, but they have an unclean, unprofessional look to them as well.

A thumbs up for animating the characters pretty well for digitally captured people however.


Very fighting game-like, which is rare for Klik games. There is variety in characters so you won't get too bored, but there is major problems with move execution.

Moves hardly work even when you triple check and try to trigger the move again, and many times I have accidentally done a move, and I am unable to execute the move on purpose.

The easier opponents are defeated by doing mindless tactics like racking on the buttons (That's not my style, but the problems with move execution stated above prevent me from using any other strategy.) but the harder characters have all sorts of mojo like gas clouds and lightning bolts, which is to say the least, unfair.


Well this game has a few modes, and I'm sure it would be fun for more than one person to play. (As fighting games usually are.)

But the problem with single player's difficult prevent this game from being playable for long.

OVERALL - 6/10

This game had potential, but it lacks a few important gaming essentials to be great. If only the move execution would have been perfected, this game would have been a 7.

This is a good game, but the problems stated above prevent me from playing it for more than about 10-15 minutes.

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