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Review: Alone In The Park 2 demo
Author: Ian M. Phoenix
Added: 10/05/2003


It had an interesting menu, but it didn't tell you the story or anything, I guess the game maker assumes you've played the original.

SOUND & MUSIC - 7/10

The sound was okay, it added a horror-like feel to the game until you realise it's actually a short 20 second loop, then it gets a bit irritating. There was no music to speak of.


The characters are south park characters so that immediately takes out most of the potential of this game being scary. However this game has nice lighting effects and a cool lightning effect too. But the graphics lack contrast so the game looks rather flat.


Umm, am I the only one here who is wondering what this game is about? What is the point? You wander through are through area reaching a dead end, so you take the other path which leads you through another area. Then all of the sudden the game crashes. Then you fire the game up and play through area and area. (Doing nothing but walking through a dark forest, mind you) Really...Isn't there supposed to be gameplay in games? This was more of a horror/walk-in-the-forest simulator than a game.


Once the game crashed enough times or you realise that there is no real point, you will probably just delete this game like I did, or keep it to learn how to do neat lighting effects for your own games.

OVERALL - 5/10

The game is a bit creepy at times, but with the south park characters, it ruins most of that. And I realise that this is a demo, but a demo of what? Walking?

Remember game makers, games must have above all else, GAMEPLAY.

I hope the creator learns from his mistakes before completing the full version.

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