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Review: Lost island dizzy
Author: Hagar
Added: 09/05/2003

I downloaded this thinking whether or not it would live up to the classic Dizzy. I had fantastic dizzy on an PC a few years back and that was really fun to play. I can barely remember Dizzy on Speccys, but I remember it being like that.


Faultless really, low colour as an speccy would have done, using dithering to get a better effect. If i should be really critical theres two many colours on some items such the pliers etc (a speccy wouldnít have been able to do this), but I will this pass .


Its got the dizzy jump, and plays like the original. Its dizzy but wih a new story, perfect how fangames should be, a fangame thats as good as original, a rarity in the klik community.


Theres one thing I donít like, you have to press enter to pick up coins, and you have items such as the pick axe in you inventory you can leave your items in very awkward places, I would recommend that to collect a coin you merely have to collide with it, thus getting red of this small but annoying fault.

Theres one more little bug bare, if you go by the side of the screen and stop, it will flicker between the two screens very fast.

Music and sound:

The music doesnít sound speccy like but does suit it very very well. So I cant complain really.


A quality game well worth downloading, its a fan games thatís as good as the original, simple as that. Its dizzy as well so its good .

A few improvements could be made as above, especially with the inventory coins bug, this can lead to mass annoyance, when you leave your needed item up in the air or something daft.

Sound and Music:

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