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Review: Spider Buster
Author: Assault Andy
Added: 07/05/2003

From the guy who brought you Naits:Terrorstrike...
Stian B brings you, Spider Buster.

The presentation was a bit disapointing, there was no intro, not even a title screen. It brings you up to the menu straight away. The menu doesn't have any graphical buttons instead there is a large yellow string, telling you which button to press to go to that frame.

The gameplay isn't very good either . I managed to wrap up 11,000 points the third time I played. When your enemies come next to you, there isn't much you can do except for jump on them which doesn't work on alot of the enemies. Something that I would like to see would be the ability to control the flamethrower with your mouse, using a crosshair.

Graphics were pretty good, they had a nice solid style. The only graphics that I didn't like were the flamethrower flames and the spider web background.

====Sound and Music====
Can't say much about the sound and music, it sounded like sounds that came with your click product, but atleast your sounds matched what was going on so I left it as 5.

This wouldn't last long for me, I really didn't find it much fun at all, NAITS was a really awsome game, the multiplayer and the ability to upgrade weapons was cool. This game lacked that little bit of spice that a game needs, no easter eggs, no unlockables. Only replay value would be trying to beat your highscore.

It's not my type of game. It doesn't really have anything wrong with it but it's what it doesn't have that is frustrating. Good game, keep up the good work and let's see if you can bring out another title like NAITS:TERRORSTRIKE

-Assault Andy (12, Ccsoft)

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