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Review: SimSheep2.2
Author: ArchMage ZeratuL
Added: 15/01/2002

SimSheep is a pretty good... Sheep simulator. Obviously inspired in The Sims [from the interface, which has the same colours, to the [probably fake] loading screen], SimSheep puts you in control of a sheep in a farm. Your only objective is to live and interact with the other sheeps.

The game is well-designed, and I found no bugs in it [except, the last time I played, I tried to click 'sleep'... the game closed and my kernel was sent to the 9th layer of the abyss, forcing me to reboot.... though that's probably MMF's bug].

There is a 'skill' system, similar to that of many RPG games: the more you use it, the more it raises, the higher it is, the better will stuff related to it happen [was that confusing?]. For example, the higher your 'Hunger' skill, the more you can eat.

The interaction with the other sheeps is done pretty nicelly. You stay close to them, and your reaction with them [as well as your status bar] raise. If you are close to an enemy sheep, you can 'fight' with it: the sheep with the highest 'strenght' wins and the other dies [so be careful]. If you are close to a sheep in love with you, you can use the 'Have sex' command.... and it's pretty visual [including sounds], which make this game unsuitable for children. Perhaps the desginer could add a 'censoring' option, so parents can let their children play this game?

You can also buy 'enhancements', such as a TV which will increase the fun rating [pretty useless, considering 'jump' makes it raise really fast], an eletric tower, to prevent sheeps from leaving [it's kinda annoying when a sick sheep is near the edge and the tower can't hit it... the noise is infernal and it lags the game], and a... jumping thing [sorry, don't know the name in english] to increase fun and strenght.

Also, you can buy upgrades to your own sheep [instant enhancements to skills], potions to change alignment and emergency 'fill all needs'. To get money to buy these, you have to sell the sheeps that come to your farm [this is where the electric tower comes in hand].

One last advice: Careful with sick sheeps! If you get infected, but yourself medicine... or die. Overall, a good game, that I recommend.


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