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Review: Delidash
Author: Klikmaster
Added: 30/04/2003

First of all, don't let the feature of 2 players fool you, download this game! There are tonnes more features to choose from.

Presentation: I have rated this highly because everything, especially the menus are layed out neatly, and a message comes up telling you about each option if you select it. The game presentation is neat, you can read everything with ease, eg. the score, mission goals, etc. are in nice readable places.

Gameplay: I have rated this quite high. The game Idea is great. There are tonnes of features, more than you would expect from a click game. Features include: Hi-scores, multiplayer, online-play, missions, cheats, and more... The game is less action, and more thinking, because it gives you a lot of time to work out your next move.

Graphics: The graphics are superb. They are not realistic, but the game keeps the same graphical style throughout.

Music/sound: Good, sound effects when selecting features and getting bonuses, etc. Good, fun music all round. Each song suits the game in every way, especially the menu screen music.

Lastability: This game may get you hooked for a while, because of the great presentation and gameplay. You will enjoy playing all of the missions. This game will certainly last with me for a long time.

Overall: Great game, you will be happy with the mission mode. Lots of features will make this game last. One of the best Click games I have EVER seen, or played. There isn't another way that this game could be improved, well there isn't much to improve. It's nice to see a strong puzzle game.

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