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Review: Area 52
Author: Isaac
Added: 16/04/2003

The Marine's eyes swept left, then right. He didn't like this situation. The things were coming in from all sides, and the room still smelled of the thick, heavy scent of lead. The watery blood of dozens of aliens covered the floor, and the soldier had a moment of peace. Checking his sole ammunition clip, he realized he should have brought more ammo, and wished he could find some ammo powerups to help him.
The room he was in had four seperative entrances, and flesh-eating aliens constantly entered to kill or be killed. As soon as I run out of ammo, he thought, I'm toast. He sighed with despair as a pack of aliens entered into the area to attempt another attack at the single-man Alamo. He was thinking of a dog he onced owned as a boy when the creatures scored the fatal blow, sending him to the ground. The Marine checked his score...
Yes! I can go to level 3!

As far as graphics go in this simple shooter, it gives the basic feel of being trapped in a room with no adornments or furniture with hundreds of aliens after you.
Sound is most simple, with the usual bullet sounds and library music.
The basic feel of the game is pure arcade, see-how-long-you-can-last-before-they-rip-you-to-shreds fun, which gets old before one knows it.

See how long you can survive games are a difficult lot, given that there is really no real way to win. The player simply must lose at some point, and unless its a party game (which this isn't), it fails to achieve lastability. A high-score table would be nice, and would convey a sense of your-score-matters feel to the player.

HIGHS; Mindless violence against the alien threat.
LOWS; Feels kinda rushed. Needs polish.
FINAL VERDICT; Shoots for mediocrity and gets a bullseye.

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