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Review: Bubble Ghost
Author: Mitch M
Added: 16/04/2003


Hello everyone... Let’s start the revieuw by saying that the weather looks good in “Eindhoven” today.. The Netherlands are heaving lots of sun... Horay... But let’s not forget why we started typing and that’s becouse we want all the DC members to know that the Nes styled game Bubble Ghost is worthy of downloading.. It’s fun too play and not too easily finished.. ( Unrealistic good gamers not included ) Altogether it’s a game which is very fun too play, nice to look at and a good bubble movement engine.. Some “goodies” and “baddies” on the game here:


* The game contains good graphics and lots of style.. The presentation looks good and the levels were greatly desined. The movement was nice and the bubble diddn’t stop right away which made the game more chalanging and a bit irritating
( in a good way )

* Great lastability... I was creating one of my new games ( still in the making ) and I could use a bit of a rest you know? ( it was like 2:00 in the morning ) anyway... I checked the “unzipped file” and saw Bubble Ghost! As I saw it I just had to play it again.. I played like half an hour again.. That’s very rare with me and clickgames! I only got that with like 4 or 5 games and Bubble Ghost is one of them. I reckon... Play the game... See the GFX... Like his style...


* I know there aren’t many “baddies” but ( as stupid as I am ) I found some.. Don’t see this as your shortcommings... ( ß is that normal English? ) The’re quite personel.
One of them is that the fish looks bad when it turns 45° ... It could have been much nicer if you took the time too finish it better. It takes like maybe an hour.. It’s worth it, I think...

* The things that pop your balloon... ( Not the candles for I like those very much ) The weird flickering things.. The irritate me and that’s something you don’t really want if your going for the lastablity “A”... Though this is only what I think.. People’s oppinions are different aren’t they.. Great game... I hope another will come out soon..

Bubble Ghost is a fantastic game for many clickers and deserves your disc space.. Look it up and download it for your own fun and insperation.. If you want one of those games, Bubble Ghost is the right game for you.....

Aku Software.... Cheers

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