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Review: Rock It
Author: Meric
Added: 15/04/2003


Rock it, by Namtic is a great little time killer. The game opens up and right away the game's already got it's groove goin on. Some nice techno/chiptune music starts to play and you know this game's gonna rule! After the Natomic logo is dilplayed the game shows you how to play.


Nice, clean, and organised. There isn't too much to say about the ingame graphics except that they all look good. *Shrugs* The game does offer a little monkey running around the screen named Dr. Bombkey. The layout is well done not a pixel out of place. Good job!


Well lets see what we've got on our hands here, you have a stock of 3 random items to launch at moving targets. One item cancels the next, via Paper rock scisors. Each time you succesfully destroy a target with the apropriate item you recieve a higher score. But if you manage to Destroy a target with the wronge item you will lose 1 life the game starts you off with three.
Now what would a puzzle game be without a timer?
It would probably be very pointless. Which is why Rock it features a timer. Woo hoo! After one round is over you earn more time. When the timer reaches Zero or you run out of lives it's Game Over for ya bub! You are instantly transported to a page asking if you'ed like to send you score and see how you rank. (I think the current record is around 24000 Pts Yikes!)

The game's a great pick me up for when you have nothing to do or if you're waiting for something to do, either way you'll have fun with it!

Superb game!

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