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Review: Adventure of Tank
Author: Zap{Zapdude Productions}
Added: 05/04/2003

Hahaha I love this game superb! bravo!, loads of carnage whey hey and lots of bodies flying around guns firing, bombs exploding guts flying (well you can hardly see the innings but there ya go!) this is an ok
game. This has lots of carnage shame that this is only a demo as I will be eargerly awaiting the full version (if there is one out or if one has already been uploaded)
It has nice cinema sequences but you shouldn't really add too many because like it takes up toooooooo much memomry man I mean i didn't have anything else to download so this looked like a fine pick. Some of the sequences are too long and the second level where you try and go up to that jeep? t doesn't make any sense at all mon! I go near it and some plane starts firing some missiles at it and before you know it game over!!!!! WTF! is going on here man?
mention all this stuff exploding here and there but thats cool, just takes loadsa memory. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyy cheeeeeesy indeed man!
This is just a typical dead DC game I think though, I don't even know how old this is but I can briefly guess that there won't be a full version.
The graphics are ok but it's mostly path movement than animation although you can see that there has been quite an effort made there though.
Another thing gis that there are loads of explosions but sometimes nothing is actually being destroyed what the hell it going on?
Overall worht downloading if you have cable/broadband.
56k users? well if there's nothing else to do....

{Zapdude Production}
Under Construction
Currently seeking artists DC mail me if interested ok?

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