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Review: Samuryan - Level One
Author: pr0
Added: 27/03/2003

I must say that is game is like no other, and I mean that in a good way! It has the feeling of a comedy style ninja game similar to the classic Shinobi by SEGA except for Shinobi had no comedy (hah).

The weapon select feature adds even more fun to the game because you just have to beat it again using the new weapon. I thought that was a plus, not to mention it has many features that you don't find in click games!

The graphics are all nicely hand drawn, and the animation are very nice too. They all fit with the background, and blend in with the secondary objects very nicely. Nothing wrong here

There are very nice Special FX in the game, such as water splashes, water trails, the blood (of course). Theses do however, slow down the game if you have an older system and the lags are really annoying. Prolly because there are too many objects on the screen.

The gameplay is good however, I did notice a few bugs. The bugs though did not distrub the game in any way (The animation were sometimes stalling). Nothing bad here either

The music, what can I say? There is none! But the sound fx fit in very nicely. There is no problems with the sounds, all are played good, like when you slice a guy and stuff (haha).

Lastly, when the full version is completed it would probably deserve a better rating.

Overall, I suggest if you want a mini thrill (its only a demo) then get this game! It is not for everyone though (blood, slicing of heads (hah), etc).

If you don't get this you will be missing out...


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