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Review: Space Battle Arcade Game
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 25/03/2003

Now, this is another of those games which are played in a window on which all the non-irritating American tourists in the world could be balanced (which is a very small number indeed, in case you were wondering). This is what I like to call a "chipgame", which was a term coined by my brother, I think, but I'm one hundred miles away from him at the moment so I think it's safe to steal the phrase.

The game is presented in a small way, as you might expect. The main menu is even smaller than necessary, with only two options - "Start" and "Quit" - only one of which is visible on the screen at any one time.

In this particular example, the gameplay is similar to Galaga. You control a triangular ship at the bottom of the screen, and have to fire bullets up at oncoming alien ships (which are either purple and useless, or green and slightly less useless) until the level is over. When this happens, you're whisked away to the next one, which might contain more ships, or faster ships, or something. After a few of these levels, the program dumps you ungracefully back in to Windows without so much as leaving you time to collect your coat on the way out.

There is no sound or music to speak of.

For such a small game (in both senses of the word) it's well put together, there are no bugs in the system at all as far as I can see. But with a game as simple as this one, that's only to be expected. It's quite a nice retro arcade-style game, true, but in this case I wonder if oversimplification is starting to become an issue.

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