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Review: Deadly Swords!
Author: Spram
Added: 16/03/2003

Deadly Swords is a good 2 players game, even if the controls are weird (j and L to move and Z and X to Jump and attack). You will get used to them, but I would prefer to be able to change the controls. The game is pretty difficult and I would have a better chance with the Shift-Ctrl combo. The character controls pretty well. It's a custom engine and there are very few bugs. Your character even flashes when hit by an enemy, the way you would expect it to do.

So, the game has 12 levels and they are decently sized, not too long or too short. At the end of each themed world there is a boss, or so I think. I only met the first boss (island area) and it was a gaint eagle. I got behind it and sliced away. The eagle never changed direction to face me but the monsters he hatched could. A little tweaking would have made the boss better.

The graphics are good, even if the platforms are not as good as the backgrounds and enemies, but the main character, even if small, is pretty cool. The way he runs, swings his sword and jumps is just the way you would expect a badass ninja to do all those things. It is also well animated, so are the enemies, specially the human ones.

Most enemies are pretty annoying, they either appear out of thin air or take too many hits, but some people like challenges and this game is pretty challenging, even if there are many rice bowls that replinish your health and relatively easy to get 1-ups I ended up dying in stage 5, with 7 stages and 3 boss battles to go.

The sounds are perfect, hitting an enemy is pretty satisfactory , of course, I said SOUNDS and not music.. The music for the intro is good, but then comes the title screen and.. I dont know what happened, but it's music from the Kirby games. The music doesn't fit at all with the theme of the game, the music is just too cute.

The game shows promise, if only it had a save (or even password) option it would have been better. 2-player option is nice, but adding a way to change the controls would be welcome. The graphics are not excellent but good and the music is.. unnaceptable... Turn it off by pressing Ctrl+M.

I recomend downloading this game.

PS: By the way, something weird happened while I wrote this review... A kind of pop-up appeared on the top of the page promoting some hot model named Candace Chou, sexy but WTH? Has this happened to anyone else or is it just me?

EDIT: I played again and reached the second boss (Difficult) I died. The gameover screen is really cool.

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