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Review: Star Wars Fleet Commander -Clone Wars-
Author: Sigurd
Added: 01/03/2003

Wow the last time I reveiwed something was a couple months ago. You see Daily Click seems to be overflowing with pointless shoot em ups or arcade style games. Nevertheless, I dont not mind playing a few of them once in a while. Anyway Star Wars Fleet Commander is another shoot em up (YAWN) but is far from making you go to sleep.

When the screen loaded up I was greeted by a very impressive menu. It looks very professional, legibal and mouth wateringly tasty. Learning how to play is very easy, it gives you tips and hints of how to play etc.

So after reading the info I launched myself into the game. Basically, you control three cannons and you have to stop the droids from getting across. This may sound easy but in the Higher levels you have to fight over 400 droids. To aide you, you may send in clone troopers, jedi knights and airsupport, however these are limited.

The graphics are ok but I think if they were higher quality it would get a little slow with the amount of troops (Especially in the higher waves)

To add to this game, It also has a highscore option to make it extra addictive. What happens is that it allows you to post your highscore on the net to compete with other players. I find that I more readily play so that I can beat the guy in #10.

All in all Star Fleet Commander is a very fun game. Although it is a little repetitious and you would probably only play it for a few weeks or so, it's fun while you're new to it. The Gameplay is very fun and the Highscore option gives the game a little more flourish.

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