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Review: HtmlCrazy
Author: Shen
Added: 23/02/2003

Another HTML editor made in Klik. Oooh. There's been some others, most of which haven't been too promising. Let's see if this one can change the trend.

When you load it up, you are presented with an Edit with the standard default <html><head> stuff. There's a magenta title on a blue background, which clashes. There's the usual New/Save/Open buttons, and Create and preview texts.

Instead of using buttons to auto-create tags, you select them from a toolbar. There's a good few of them, but only the common ones such as Bold, Anchors and Images. There's also some usual keyboard shortcuts explained in the help like Control-B. The tags work on the basis where you replace the contents after you place them, such as [B]Insert Text here[/B] However, you can't select text then apply effects to it, it just overwrites it. Also when you use the dropdown menu the edit box loses focus, so you have to click somewhere in the edit box before clicking Create.

It does have other features, but are not very well pulled off. It's far better to make a HTML editing tool in MMF than TGF, because you can add coloured text and window resizing, and have a preview without having to open Internet Explorer. I also found it annoying when it doesn't prompt you to save after making a new document, meaning you could accidentally click it and lose all your work. Also, you can't Copy because the Control-C shortcut is taken for the Center tag.

Overall it's not bad, but does have a lot of features that could be improved.

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