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Review: Micro Man
Author: LittleGuy (Ecstasy Studios)
Added: 17/02/2003

When I first ran the game I had no idea it was even there, but after a while a found it lurking in the center of the screen.

The aim of this game, like any other platformer is to go through the levels collecting tokens and avioding traps, enemys etc. In this game tokens look like little diamond shape things made up of 2 lines and the platformer is a simple black line.

The presentation although just a small menu is good and somehow looks quite nice! So I give it a 6.
The gameplay is only average, it's a good platformer but not paticually different from any other, except it only has 2 colours and you can only see an area 2cm squared. Platformers have been around for ages and there are now more than you can shake a Pentium 4 at!
The graphics, although in black and white, are quite good, and for such a small game it's good that you can see and make out everything quite well. You couldn't really add any colour to this becasue it's too small and you couldn't see it anyway.
The game has no sound or music, because the creator wanted it to have a small file size, and I surpose you don't need sound on such a simple game anyway!
The game doesn't take long to complete, it's over before you know it! For an extra 50KB you could probably double the amount of levels.
Overall, it's a nice idea. There arn't many tiny games about so this is an new and quite original game, but only the size is origninal!
Here we have an example the it's not the size that matters, although doubling the sixe would help alot!

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