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Review: Dream Key tester *Blitz3D game*
Author: Spram
Added: 14/02/2003

As you can see in the screenshots, "Dream Key: Ollies Adventure" is not a Klick game. It's a 3D game done in Blitz, which is an engine I've never heard of before, but after playing the game (demo) I think it must be pretty neat.

This demo consists of 5 increasingly difficult stages that range from the easy to the frustrating. In each level you must collect the purple crystals and the a key will appear which you can use to open the gate to the goal.

One particularly frustrating level is #4 in which you must guide your character thruogh a very narrow path and if you fall in the water you die, if you take too long you die too. What really makes this level frustrating is the controls, while exellent, they have one problem, they are very slippery, even if your character is on a tropical island he will slide around at least 2 or 3 paces before he stops.

The Sound effects didn't work on my computer for a reason, so I cant judge how they are incorporated in the gameplay, but the wav files seem appropiate.

The graphics.. The game is in 3D and looks pretty good, simple cartoony graphics and a LOT of fog, which doesn't look distracting but does look ugly. The character model is cute and has a personality, you can even see him with the key under his arm once he gets it. It could use a little more variety anyway.

While the demo is extremely short and the controls are a little loose, it still may be worth a download, specially if you have a computer that can run it, just to see what can be done outside of Multimedia fusion, and while I like 2D games, I also like 3D ones and having some more "homemade" 3D games would be a good thing. And it's also a little fun, until level 4.

I'm a little relunctant to post reviews of demos, but seeing Wong Chung Bang wont write one, I think I will. The score is just what I think of the demo and, if everything goes well, the final game would have a better score.

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