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Review: AJ Memory
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 30/01/2003

This is a fairly simple game with which many people should be familiar. It involves picking two cards at a time from a set of face down cards and turning them over. If they are a pair, both cards are removed, and if not they are turned face down again. The game continues until all the pairs have been found.

One problem with the program itself is that on the title screen there's a fairly lengthy sequence (well, ten seconds at most but it's longer that it sounds) before you get to the main menu. For a "quick" game like this the delay is accentuated, as every time you go away from the screen and come back to it you have to watch it again.

By far the most impressive graphics in the game are those found in the "Credits" section - they're of far higher quality than anything else in the game, strangely. Still, I'm getting distracted. The main game's graphics aren't incredibly good but they do the job well enough.

You're given three difficulty levels - easy (18 cards), medium (32 cards) and hard (50 cards!). Each of them involves slowly revealing an image by taking away the cards in front of it while standard reptitive MMFusion music plays in the background. The image can be anything from an anime drawing, to an AJ Industries advert, to another anime drawing. Oh, what a giveaway.

Score is calculated on how many turns you took to match all the pairs, I'd imagine. There's no time limit, giving you time to think about what you're doing (and of course note every card you've turned over down on paper).

As well programmed as this game is, it's not that exciting. Nice for filling in a few minutes, maybe, but you're not going to play it for long, and there are some things best left to real cards. The INI file's pretty funny if you try and open it, though.

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