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Review: Save the Meeklits!
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 27/01/2003

The most difficult thing about reviewing this game was not deciding whether it was any good or not. It's quite obviously one of the best looking and well programmed games that I've come across made with Click products. No, the main question was: Is it worth a 10?

The trouble is that, much like sex (ha, that got your attention, didn't it), I was reserving the 10/10 score for something really special. Eventually I decided that because this game runs and plays so smoothly as to fool you into thinking it was made professionally and not in a Click product, it was worth it.

Enough heaping praise on it, what's the game about? Your objective is to fire random columns of three multi-coloured balls each at a grid that reminds me of "Turnabout" which used to be on UK TV. When a ball collides with another of the same colour, both of them disappear. Your task is to clear the grid and to free the creatures called Meeklits trapped within by letting them drop off the bottom of the screen. If you do this in quick succession, or in a combo, you get more points added to your cannon's power. This is crucial, as if it runs out it's Game Over.

The graphics are nothing short of spectacular, and the way that they move is also a nice touch. The Meeklits twitch and fidget in a very lifelike way, and occasionally one of the coloured spheres glows. It's the minor details that really make the graphics of this game.

A couple of sounds are taken from the MMFusion libraries, and the background music is very well done - puzzle game-y enough without being intrusive in any way.

Four difficulty modes are provided in this shareware version - from "Newbie" all the way up to "Hard", so there's something to suit all levels of players. The differences are in the number of different colours of spheres, and it might affect the chance of getting a crystal sphere as well, though I'm not sure.

Everything is explained in an Epic Megagames style help window within the game, which is very welcome, and far clearer than using a text file or explaining the rules within the description.

As for the idea of it being shareware, I would in fact consider registering this (depends on the price, of course - the website doesn't appear to be working at the moment). It's of sufficiently high quality, and it's obvious that a lot of work has gone in to the making of the game. For your hard earned cash, you get an extra difficulty level, the opportunity of using "bonus Meeklits" and no game limit (this version is limited to 50, which won't be nearly enough once you've got addicted to it). And a good conscience, of course.

I was actually going to say that the game was too easy, but then I died while playing through a level while writing this review (and dragging myself away from playing it was a challenge in itself). The whole thing went without any bugs becoming apparent at all - an amazing feat given the program's obvious complexity. That must be 1500 characters by now, can I get back to playing it?

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