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Review: Alien Escape
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 22/01/2003

I'd first like to say that someone has finally got the hint and not compiled their game with an installer. It's just one application that can run straight out of the box (well, the ZIP file). So, well done for that, LilSean.

Like all good games, the objective of this one is simple. You have to guide four different coloured aliens (who I immediately christened Mr. Green, Mr. Blue, Mr. Red and Mr. Yellow, having just watched Reservior Dogs) through a never-ending supply of randomly generated levels. This is done by controlling them one at a time and shooting the blocks that match the colour of the aliens. Making progress in this way, you have to get them to work as a team to collect fuel and eventually get to their flying saucer. It's like one of those old ASCII "Zone06" games or something, but with infinitely better graphics.

And, as you can see, graphics are definitely a strong point of the game. They're of the "are they/aren't they ripped?" quality, but there are a few issues with objects appearing in front of/behind one another when they shouldn't. This is the only thing that prevents a Ten in this category.

Moving away from the game for a moment, it's presented well but the instructions could do with some work - there are a few spelling mistakes in them, and they disappear after a few seconds leaving you to click "Rules" again. It might seem minor, but it's annoying.

I thought that this was one of those games that you download when you're bored and never play again, but I played it for a lot longer than I meant to. The trouble is, I didn't notice the levels getting any harder as it went along, and it's pretty easy to complete levels quickly once you've got the hang of it.

The way that random levels are generated is a good one, provided you can get used to the _very_ apparent flicker as the game decides where to put the blocks.

The game certainly looks amazing, but it really needs more variety in it to make it worth playing for longer. It's a good five minute distraction, though.

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