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Review: Baile Baile Payasito
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 21/01/2003

Japan is the home of many a trend, especially when it comes to video games. One of the latest is dance and rhythm action games - those machines that you see in your local arcade with two-left-footed people making fools of themselves trying to dance along to "5, 6, 7, 8" (myself included, I'm ashamed to admit). They were also the big thing in my area this Christmas, with many people I know getting a NES-quality dance mat under the tree. I don't know, maybe we're just centuries behind where I come from. So why not make a Bemani game?

And why not, indeed. This is the only Click game in Spanish that I've ever played, but you don't really need to understand the language to know what's going on. After the "copy protection" which involves dressing up the main character in the right outfit (like in Sam and Max) you have to choose what song to dance along to - ranging from the gentle "Tango Azul" for the completely uncoordinated, to the nightmarishly difficult "Migra" for the Bemani experts in our midst.

The game is presented very well indeed, showing you don't have to have big-eyed Anime characters to make a dancing game. The only real problem is that the rhythm and the arrows are far out of sync, so following the beat is completely futile. It's a challenge, though, and at the end you're awarded a grade based on just how badly you danced. As I said, it's a very accurate mimic of the genuine article, even displaying how many "Perfecto" steps you took, and so on.

This is well worth downloading. A few more songs would have been welcome, and perhaps the menu could be better but otherwise it's a great little game that I'd like to see carried on with.

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