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Review: MasterFatman's World
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 16/01/2003

"Jump and rum"! "JUMP AND RUM"! ... Oh, sorry, it wasn't that funny anyway.

The game is just a .GAM file rather than a compiled game, and that's just as well because I had to open it up just to work out how to start the game. You know you're in for a treat when that happens. Ingeniously, the author has decided to program it so that you have to double click on the word 'Start', with no clues given whatsoever.

Once the first challenge is over, you're treated to a bizarre sight. A white background, some moving blocks which come in two varieties: red (which move up and down) and slightly darker red (which also move up and down, although in a different rhythm).

The main character isn't exactly a work of art: In fact he's a red circle with a head, and stick arms and legs sticking out at angles. That's not all, though. He doesn't have any animations at all apart from that one, so when you walk (not that you'll have much chance to, as all the platforms are just 32x32 squares) or jump, he'll just slide sideways.

After hopping my way across to the right hand side of the screen, which needed a bit of timing, I dived off the right hand side to be deposited in the second level. Which was exactly the same as the first, only with the lives counter in a different place.

I jumped across to the right again. But wait! What's this? A scrolling screen? Indeed it was, so the level took slightly longer to complete than the last one. I went off the right hand side again, and unsurprisingly enough was taken to the third level.

Which was exactly the same as the first and second, but with an all-new position for the lives counter. Actually, near the end the blocks were getting further apart, so at least it's got some difficulty curve to it.

After that level I was treated to an immensely disturbing picture of the main character's head, which is the only decently-drawn thing in the whole game (well, I say decently drawn, it's just not entirely red, which is a good thing). I then quit, deleted it and returned to more constructive activities, such as shaving my beard off, nailing it to a frisbee and flinging it out the window at a passing bus.

I don't mean to be harsh about this game (I think I say that often). It's a first attempt by the looks of things, and to his credit the author has got the hang of programming at least two basic GFactory features (platforming and scrolling). However, I was hard pushed to find a saving grace for the game and save it the indignity of getting my first 0 score. Eventually I found two of them:

1) It has rather a good name.
2) It's at least some sort of challenge.

There you go.

To the author: Don't be put off, keep trying. If you want my advice, try to use more variety. And use colours other than red.

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