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Review: Pájaro Racing
Author: Silveraura
Added: 12/01/2003

I have played this game over 100 times sence the time I downloaded it so I can say its good, but why is it so good. I will list a full review below to tell you why if you havn't already download it to download it.
This game is one of the beter racing games that was made with click programs, though you can tell it was made with tgf because of the ending logo. But to me what makes this racing game one of a kind is the fact that it has some of the best ai in it! The game even lets you pick the level of ai it plays on in 1-10, now how much better could you get from that!?
The hats arn't the easyest things to get but not the hardest, in other fact, getting the hats is rather much fun. The game rarely gets boring when your playing multi player though so that is another good thing about the game. Though going through the secrit stages is rather hard I found that you can control the worms with player two's controls by using defult z & c you move the worm left & right & eather s or x to stop it. After getting all the hats I found that it would have been alot easer if I knew diffent hats gave you diffrent speeds & same with the color you pick, so thats another cool feature, being able to get good speeds along with trying to pick a hat style that fits your likings, though I can bet for most people thats not a big deal.
For gameplay I would say its good because of its smoothness & ease on controling. Though on the shooting level 1 player, if you tuch the computer play you get an error, so that would be something I would fix if a new version was made. The Graphics from what I see are all orignal & are not bad at all, though there are some parts in background like the trees & the fences, you would see that they tend to get a little messed up, but it dosen't effect gameplay so that dosn't really bother me, I don't know about anyone else though. The sound is cool, for the most part fits in prity good, but the music sounds as if I heard it before in another game I good a long time ago just remixed to fit where your playing, which I admit is very good!
I'm not to shoure about last abily or what that is but I think it means how long you can play it without getting bord, so I'll give it an 8, correct me if I'm wrong.
So over all I would give this game a 10!

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