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Review: Shotgun
Author: Max
Added: 02/01/2003

Get your shotgun out of the box, it's time to kill villains! It might be hard however to kill invisible enemies or enemies killing you in a single second though.

Presentation, sound and graphics

The game's presentation is nice. It doesn't do anything fancy but it does the job at being clear and looking good. Most of the ingame graphics are average though. The sprites are very simple and uses rather poor animations. Most of the background tiles have simply being ripped from the TGF libraries, but since I do use them myself from time to time, so it isn't much of a problem. Sounds effects are good enough and the music fits nicely with the game.


In this game you'll need to wade through levels filled with enemies and you must blow them out using your shotgun and knife. There's interesting stuff in the game, but there's many annoying ones which surpasses the bad. The best thing about this game is the knife, which proves to be more powerful than the shotgun. You can stab enemies with it, and you can even throw it on enemies or wires. After throwing your knife, you can even notch it back! Maybe the game author should have called the game "Knife" instead.

However, there's a bunch of bad things I'd say about this game. First of all, all obstacles and items and invisible until you are close enough to them and facing them. If the game was lenient enough on the damages your character sustains, this would have been good, but you'll find it very annoying to go and kill an enemy on a platform only to get shot in the back by an invisible bazooka soldier. You can hardly even use stealth in the game to resolve the vision field issue; you may try sneaking behind enemies to stab them from behind, but they'll just turn around and gun you down. The mines are also extremely annoying; they are hardly visible, you step on them and you lose almost all your health and your legs. Having no legs slows you down a lot and makes further moving absolutely impossible. The shotgun's also weak; most enemies are killed by shooting them 2 times, plus you can't move while you're reloading. By the time you have finished reloading, chances are that your foe either killed/gravely injured you with his assault rifle, bazooka or whatever your enemy fires at you. The game's incredibly frustrating, since the gameplay is so unforgiving. One single mistake and you're dead because of the points I mentionned above. The character should have been able to survive longer under the enemy fire in order to give a slight chance to the player. Too much hardness spoils an otherwise enjoyable action game.


The game's rather short, and playing time for some people will be shortened by the incredibly frustrating gameplay.


Shotgun do contain some nice ideas, it has acceptable graphics and there's some fun to be found within the title, but it is so frustrating! Unlike certain better-made games, the big challenge in the game do not make the it more involving; you just keep dying because of the pretty average AI, mines or those annoying flying insects which drain all your health in 2 seconds. Give it a try if you wish, but be prepared to tear your hair off your head at several occasions.

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