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Review: Worm vs Snail
Author: Paul
Added: 30/12/2002

The first thing I noticed when I tried this game wa the poor menu system, it came across to me as being very unprofesional: Everything looks like it was thrown together in 30 seconds and is mainly a jumble of badly colored and poorly spelled text along with small graphics you have to click on to get anywhere.

The graphics are rather bland. Animation is pretty much nonexistant.

The gameplay consists of three different types of levels with three levels of each type, deathmatch, which is self explenatory, capture the flag, the usual, two players, two flags, two bases. and TF(not sure what it stands for), in which you must take and hold a flag in the center of the map for a minute to win. Some of these levels actually could be rather fun had they been implemented right, such as the level with a bouncing devil that kills you if it touches you(although it moves to fast), or the yin-yang that shoots at the players once two counters get low enough(although the bullets move to fast).
There is also map editor included(only deathmatch), although you can't save or load levels, there are only two things you can place, rocks or empty spaces, and you cannot change the starting positions of the players.

The movement is very akward and buggy, such as the characters not falling after they've dug the dirt out from under themselves, causing you to have to jump to fall, which doesn't work in small spaces anyway, because you head will stick to the ceiling
It's also confusing--as well as tedious--to dig, seeing as how you can dig in only two directions, up and to the left, and down and to the right. And this only digs about 5 pixels in that direction.

The music isn't that bad, although it gets annoying after a short time, the sounds are few, far between and rather average.

Overall: It's not really worth your time

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