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Review: Zombies Now demo
Author: TS Team
Added: 06/12/2002

First Reaction:
"Holy h↨‼‼
This is better than the first and is great!
Truly one of the bestest of the best!"

Overall Review:
Zombies Now has made a big improvement from the first Zombies Now demo and is a great game.
It is one of the bestest of the bestest!
It made a major improvement in character movement and obstacles.
Great haunted house and trees to hide where you are.
Nice graphics and a guy with a gun to his chest.
You can throw explosives and fire!
Too bad it's not complete, but it's greatly worth a download.

No more race-car movement!
The last one was very unplayable, this one is...well...playable!
Great 8-directional movement and no bugs at all.
Unless closing the screen when you reached the bottom is a bug...
Bah! This game is great, and very fun and challenging!
Conserve your bullets, and run when you have to, because this game will have you playing for hours.
...until you've reached the bottom and the screen closes.
Maybe you'll open the game up again, and play some more!

3D effect and great artistic values!
Nicely animated top-down realistic characters and bloody floors.
Bodies are layed all over the ground with smashed heads, brains, and ribs.

Nicely done munching sound when you get eatin by those zombies.
Splatter goes the heads of the alive-dead!
Squish goes the smashed pumkins of graves.
Explosive effects take place when you press CNTRL!
Flare sounds take over your ears with firey enemies!
What can I say more...great sound!

1.) I'm not sure, but I think closing the screen when you've reached the bottom is a bug...OH WELL!

Recommend Downloading?:
Hell yeah!

Opinionated Rating:
Above average

Final Quote:
The only improvement this game needs, is that you can step over/walk over the dead bodies and more levels (OF COURSE) but you knew that already, because your not done and this is just a demo!

Christopher S. Long of TS Team: Mature Entertainment

This is the first to get all tens because I'm picky!

Sound and Music:

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