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Review: BlueCODE (HTML and JavaScript Game/Program coder)
Author: Nir L
Added: 04/12/2002

After a quick, professional-looking setup process BlueCODE was installed on my computer.

I double clicked on the program EXE file, and immediately got an error: "Cannot find..." and then followed the path of some file. Apparently it was the Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX, because the title was "Microsoft Internet Explorer". I assumed the program had some sort of instant preview feature.

After closing this message I noticed some major flaws in the main program:

- The Edit menu doesn't work at all.

- You cannot change the edit box's background/font colors, which is a big problem because the default colors are horrible in my opinion.

- Running the document doesn't work. "Run in Alone" shows a blank screen, and "Run in app" shows that error again.

- While trying to figure out what should I do in the program, and what good is it compared to Notepad, I pressed F1 for help. A window popped up, announcing I cannot sell my games with this version. What games? What are you talking about? This isn't clear, and you don't want to be stuck writing a help file for the help file.

I thought that this might be intended for JavaScript games. Well, if I wanted to sell a script or something I'd copy it to Notepad and save it as a different name (innocently, and it's not illegal).

- If you exit after some changes were made, it doesn't prompt to save. This cost me 10 minutes of writing and accidently closing the application.

- Most importantly, it is not easy to understand what you are supposed to do. Just write HTML? Well, this could be a waste of time like what happened to me. The interface is not very user-friendly, and not self-explanatory.

Lack of special features (compared to Notepad etc.) and problems such as the ones above encouraged me to remove the program from my computer. You might want to rethink about the main design. The program looks as though it was not planned beforehand. Very minimal use of all the features MMF and TGF have.

I'll be happy to see this program turning into something more advanced. Think what would make it different from Notepad and other programs.

If you decide to take my advice - Good luck!

- Any comments welcomed.

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