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Review: Boom - Special Edition
Author: TS Team
Added: 28/11/2002

Overall Review:
This game is in fact one that's original. The graphics are good as a fact. Also, the gameplay is fun and a blast. It has a wide selection of levels. Enemy AI isn't very good but it's a good start. Human to human combat makes this game great! One thing ruins it badly which is that when your too close to your opponent, sometimes it doesn't subtract from your health counter but the bullets get destroyed. Simple and fun!

Rather simple engine. Only one bug of all. Great job at programming, for not much programming is needed. Gameplay is very fun in fact with human opponent or not! I like the trees you can hide in and the exploding barels. Nice explosion effects and shatter. Nice programming the pause for reloading. Nice job, and keep up the good games.

Nicely done graphics which are the best part of this game! Well drawn characters. The backdrops are rather impressive. Nicely done obstacles and effects of explosion and shatter. can think of anything else but that the characters were well animated...foot steps and dieing.

A pretty good amount of sound effects are included. I would say, nice job getting the guns shots and the reloading sounds. Dieing realy doesn't have any sound effects I remember of...but then again, maybe it did. Don't ask me! Uh, download it and see for yourselves! X)

A little above average I would say in my ratings towards this game.

Recommend For Future Poeple to Download?:
Yes, it's good to have on your computer for playing with your friends!

I wish you a best of lucks, and if you need anything, email me. I can program for you anytime when you feel like just doing something BUT programming. I make mean graphics too.

Chris Long of TS Team

Sound and Music:

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