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Review: Taxi man demo
Author: TS Team
Added: 25/11/2002

First Reaction:
"Nice...nice...realy nice."

While Playing:
"It's okay, I guess I'll play a while longer..."

Overall Review:
The intro screen was well made, although I have no idea if it was original or not. Realy cartoony graphics. Great programming for the menu screen, with his own password engine. The car graphics were good, but again, I still wasn't sure if it was original. It was hard to drive the car properly and you can easily pass by the other cars...but I suck at driving Clickteam car engines. Their were many bugs, but thats due to lack of effort I guess. A car would stick to another car. Other than that, it was a fun game.

What should I was rather fun. "Okay" I guess. Barely worth downloading, but if you like driving Taxis, you should download this because it was rather fun. You can easily axcelerate the car and drive accross the grass. It was actually a little fun to me. Try it, and you'll see what I'm trying to say. Great job!

The engine was average. Filled with bugs, but again, average. The password engine was well programmed, it would have been better if it had an ENTER button of some sort. I'm picky though, so ignore that part. It was nice how the fuel guage would go up and down. You can also pick up poeple for gas money. Besides the great engine, that's all you did do.

Well...I wasn't sure if it was original, or if he made them. They were good regardless though. I like the cartoony style. I liked mostly the title screen, even though the car blocked a fraction of the title. That's okay, because it probobly would have looked wierd being anywhere else. About 3 different car graphics I believe. Great variety as it is. Also, the grass graphics and road graphics were also great. They seemed to be rather original I would think. Great job!

This is the worst cases I have ever seen of completely NO SOUND! What can I say...a quite taxi, and quite cars on the road. Completely no sound at all. I'd rate this a zero...and I "do" rate it a zero.

Worth Downloading?
Yes, I'd download it just to test it out a little. The title is what caught me to download this. It wasn't a bad game, it was a rather good game. Download it, but you don't have to because it's not "that good."

Cars stick to each other and you can't move.

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