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Review: Billy's Adventure
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 24/11/2002

Overall, this game isn't bad, but feels very basic.

Oh, you want more than that, do you? OK... I don't think I have the font necessary for the logo screen, as it came up in Algerian and went off both sides of the screen. This could have been fixed by using an Active/Background object for the text, or using a more standard font (though I appreciate if it's your logo's font, you're not going to change it). The sample was most... different, as well. The rest of the sounds are mostly standard Click MIDIs/WAVs, with the exception of a Sonic MID at the end of a level, and a few others.

After a very enthusiastic introduction screen, you're deposited in the first level of the game. The game uses the standard Click platform movement, and wall-jumping is possible, though it's not really an issue here. The jumping and falling speed of the character doesn't seem quite right in my opinion - it gave me the impression of "floating" just a little before falling. Again, this isn't a huge problem, though.

There's a "Leap of Faith" very early on in the game - well, strictly speaking it's not of "Faith" as you can see the platform you have to jump to, but it looks like you can also drop down a level. Once you do so, though, you die in a spike pit. A look up/down feature would have helped here.

There seem to be a few bugs in the "jumping on enemies" engine - even when I clearly hit a ghost on the head, a few times it would kill me anyway (the dying animation is non-skippable, but is only a few seconds long). After a while I took to avoiding ghosts altogether.

The lifts later on are well done, but occasionally they killed me for no apparent reason as well (falling on to them seems to do it).

The background scenery is composed of blocks for the most part, but is varied enough. In fact, the levels are very varied and the game manages to stay interesting throughout. The sprite graphics in the main game as well as the title and end sequences are very well-drawn and stylistic.

The game is fairly easy until the final boss, which certainly is a "Mission Impossible" as the music implies. It took me more than a few tries to beat him.

As I said before, there's nothing wrong with this game - it just doesn't do much beyond the standard "Mario-ish platformer" style. As I always like saying, "Nothing special" but worth a download anyway.

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