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Review: Unknown Game 2098
Author: DeadmanDines
Added: 15/11/2002

To be honest when I downloaded this game, I expected something which would be absolutely terrible. No. 'Terrible's' too soft. Vomit-inducing. That's better. But to my surprise, this game's actually rather good - read on to find out how.

Blood donors-a-plenty
There's one thing this game has lots of - Gore. And I love it. You can chop enemies in two, cut their heads off, and much more - you'd never realise there were this many ways to kill people! It's an inhumane violent bliss. It's most satisfying to chop someone in half. Most satisfying indeed.

It's one thing to have blood an' gore an' nastiness in a game, but it's quite another to have good looking blood an' gore an' nastiness. Well this game has it. Don't expect anything as purdy as Eternal Daughter, but it's certainly very good. Much better than your average click game. A good job i think.

Your menu, sir?
I'm not sure if this is because it's a demo or not, but where exactly is the menu? Storyline? It kinda plunges you into the action without time to realise what's going on. This is almost certainly because it's a demo though, so i forgive you.

You mentioned not all the music was done yet, so I can't comment on that, but the splats when you kill people (me going back to the morbid side again, yes) are most pleasant. Very nice indeed. I have to dissagree with the sound for when you die however. To be honest you'd get a better effect from having the teletubbies tune instead, but it's a simple thing to change. Try, they should have a load of cool 'oh dear i just died' sounds.

...very well done! I quite enjoyed the (sadly rather short) demo, and can't wait for the full version. Not the best click game ever by several miles... but it's nowhere near the worst game either. Quite a way above average, I say. good job.


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