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Review: Unknown Game 2046
Author: DeadmanDines
Added: 05/11/2002

This isn't a game, so let's alter what the points are for:

Overall -(stays the same)
Gameplay - Usefulness
Presentation -(stays the same)
lastability - Efficiency/buglessness


I'm sure when we all downloaded this, we were expecting much - i certainly was! I'd heard about it from its brief mention in the news section of, and was eagrely anticipating its release, presuming that it would fix all my music related problems ad infinitum.

This extension is incredibly useful, I'll give it that! At last we can play Ogg (It's supposed to be a bit better than MP3, so i hear - you can make them with Goldwave if you get a codec for it) as well as midi, mp3, modules, and an assortment of other widely used file formats, which makes it very versatile indeed, and is certainly more useful than DMC2, primarilly because it supports more formats. The MODFX.dll is kind of annoying if you need to ship it with a game to play MP3, BUT they say it will be built into the extension in later versions, so that doesn't really count as a worthy criticism.

Presentationwise the extension looks very good, but of course presentation in an extension really isn't 100% vital is it? It looks nice, it feels professional, good job.

To be honest I do think the hype was a bit undeserved. It supercedes DMC2, but from what I can see not by that much. It has new file formats, but not wav support from what I can tell (although i can imagine that'd be added later). It just doesn't have that mindblowingly useful touch I expected it to have. This is of course just my opinion, and it's tailored to the kind of games and applications I make - so if you were into making music applications, this would be a very appropriate extension for you, and would likely serve your needs quite well - but for me being more focussed on in-game music or gamesave-cracking applications, I don't think it will be as useful as I anticipated it to be.

Of course, that's the sole purpose of a review isn't it - to get an individual's opinion of something. However, that is the only criticism I can really find in the extension in itself, and that's not a good one either to be honest (since it's based on a single person's opinion, not tangible evidence), so I'd be unjust in not giving this well made and powerful extension a good mark.

In summary? Well done, guys.


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