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Review: Mega Shock Troopers: First Strike
Author: Georgie
Added: 30/10/2002


The sound goes with the game so I can't complain too much. Its just the fact I hear alot of the same midi's over and over again that bothers me. But as longs as the music goes with the level, I'm okay with it.


HAahhaha. Its cartoon ships/stick figures mixed with the klick&play library. GIving it a wierdish look. But other than it looking wierd because of this, the graphics really had no issues with me. I think it gave it a origonal look. Stick figure in front of a real drawn mountain.


Finally a game with alot of random missions to do!! This game never gets you bored because of the variety of different things an levels you play. Sure, some might be alike, but they are not the same. The only real draw back to this game is that dead bodies will still shoot until the death scences are over. Even if they are spouting blood while laying ont he ground, they shoot until they dissappear.


If you want a game you can play and enjoy for half an hour or so. This is a great game to download. Even if it doesnt' have the great graphics and gameplay, its just fun to play itself. Give it a try.

"FINNALY A GAME THAT WAS GOOD AND DIDN"T TAKE THEM 1 YEAR TO MAKE!" I hope it didnt take 1 year to make


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