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Review: Mercenary
Author: OOOPPPs
Added: 30/10/2002

Mercenary is good in numerous aspects. Firstly, the cartoonish style of the various elements blends very well with the rest of the game and is decently animated. However some may think that the sprites may lack detail, but in my point of view, it is suitable for the style of gfx in this game. Another good aspect of the game is the originality (in a click sense), where this shoot'em up surpasses the quality of those currently offered.
On the other hand, there are various things in that game that needs fixing. First is the size of the scope, if it could be larger, then the player would be able to view a more larger area and note the "spawn points" of the enemy. However this is understandable considering the limitations of MMF. Another element that needs fixing is the reloading. Where a meter for the amounts of bullets loaded and available would be helpful to indicate whether the gun is loaded or not (thus imposing a bullet limit rather than once you miss its game over). Also in the course of playing this game, i found it hard to distinguish whether it uses automatic reload or manual, but would prefer the latter.
All in all, this game is very fun to play and if the various issues above are rectified, it will be even more enjoyable... maybe Mercenary 2 will fix these and add more levels???

-Tim (OOOPPPs)


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